What is the World Phenomena solution? Why use it in your classroom?
World Phenomena is a new school subject focused on cross-curricular teaching. It offers teachers an effective tool to make everyday teaching more diverse and interesting.
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Main benefits

Engaging content

Proposed activities involve multiple senses and stimulate students' attention and memory. The curriculum thus becomes more appealing to students and enhances their learning experience.

Learning in context

Use of real-life situations promotes integration of knowledge and skills from multiple subjects across the curriculum. Pupils look at the world in its entirety, not as separate school subjects.

Teaching with ease

All materials are processed in accordance with the national curriculum so that they are easily used in the classroom. In addition, there is a library of high quality video clips that are always at hand.

21st century skills development

Critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are among the key skills that pupils develop with the help of innovative teaching methods.

World Phenomena’s core is cutting-edge BBC educational videos
Content of World Phenomena

Inspirational activities

Educational models offer a varied range of activities to develop pupils' competences.

Attractive videos

450 first-class educational videos made by the BBC will attract pupils' attention.

Interactive exercises

Pupils test their knowledge through interactive exercises.

Educational game

Pupils enjoy educational game that motivates their better results.

How to teach with the World Phenomena?
World Phenomena’s main advantage is its flexible inclusion in school education. Every teacher can teach the best way for him/her and the pupils.
Teaching inspired by the 5E model


knowledge, understanding, creativity


knowledge, understanding, creativity


application, understanding


analysis, synthesis



Start teaching in an innovative, attractive and experiential way today
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